Toptal Offers New Freelancer Model.

I have been in the freelancer arena for what feels like a long time. I was a member of back before it was bought out by and have profiles on and which used to be

It is a volatile industry.

I have considered, at least once or twice, the idea that developing my own freelancer platform might be a worthwhile investment. I had already decided that I would only accept the best freelancers and connect them to only the best clients. If you want a "full Yik Yak clone" and your maximum budget is $40.... you should go to

I had also considered the attractiveness of building teams where I would connect great application developers with great visual designers who could produce a product that was exceeding expectations in all categories.

Well, as usual, I think someone may have beaten me to it.Toptal is showing up across the Internet with a new twist on the freelancer paradigm. They have personal, attractive advertisements. They promote their community involvement - currently pledging $100,000 to help the disadvantaged in tech. They are focused on Top Talent - nice domain name acquisition that one... and they are just SMART ("lemme splain... there is too much... lemme sum up").

One of the important aspects of SEO is backlinks... not as important as it once was... but still REALLY important. So, in order to get priority consideration to join the Toptal development ranks, you can post a blog regarding why you want to be a part of their offering. This tests that a developer is actually currently active in web development, it tests the developers communication skills, and it provides nice PR and BACKLINKS for the company.... nicely done.

I am interested in making affiliations with a company which is smart like that. That's why I want to join the Toptal Web freelancers group

Posted in Web Application Development on Nov 12, 2015



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