IBM Watson.

I spent some time over the past few days doing some more investigation into the newest IBM offerings. I will not begin to try to list them all, but I have dipped into StrongLoop (which IBM recently acquired) and have now worked with the general operation of Bluemix as well as the most impressive offering (imho) -- Watson.

StrongLoop is terrific for rapid API development and also has support for AngularJS powered user interfaces. Well, the support is there, of course, for UX design in any flavor or framework you want. I just mention AngularJS because StrongLoop has a nice tooling system for converting server side API patterns into pre-packaged $resource providers which can be used client side almost seamlessly.

Bluemix, in my experience, also lives up to its promises. It has the convenience of dashboard management and control over your collection of applications, and the details provided on the dashboard are actually extremely relevant and helpful. It also has a robust command line utility which allows you to easily integrate the Cloud Foundry based container manipulation with your local development environment.

BUT, let me get to the Big Enchilada. Watson is amazing. Here is a node based personality analyzer which took a whole hour to build. Now, the mere fact that a system like this can process a collection of Tweets with a single line of code is really very nice, but the stunning thing is the accuracy of the results. Check it out and see what it says about you and your Twitter Feed. I bet you will be surprised by the detail of the analysis. And, find your compatible “Celebrities” here based upon their Twitter Feeds.

The coming connection of this technology to the Internet Of Things should be quite amazing. Watson has text-to-speech, dialogue sequencing, tone analyzer, and even visual recognition packages. I think this puts IBM one step ahead of HAL... isn't that an unexpected turn of events ?

Posted in Web Application Development, Headliners on Sep 22, 2015



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