IBM Acquires StrongLoop.

What the IBM Acquisition Means to GetNetEZ

As a developer at GetNetEZ, I must say that it is strange how my experience with Node has been defined by these sorts of surprising announcements. I was investigating the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) stack for upcoming projects a little over a year ago when the news came out that StrongLoop had been handed the reigns to the Express repository and domain. That spurred my interest in and investigation of the developing StrongLoop software suite.

The announcement this morning that IBM had acquired StrongLoop was another defining moment in my relationship with Node. I have been of the opinion that while the StrongLoop ARC application monitoring tools are amazing at delivering functional details about your app as a set of processes, the need for that level of resource management is only realized in an enterprise deployment. It seems that IBM is of similar mind and opinion.

The matching of the StrongLoop starter package with the basic two instance service level package in IBM Bluemix is a very sweet spot for promising looking startups. The biggest challenge to successful web applications is always keeping up with swell. Like surfing, you might wait all day and never catch a killer ride, but the worst thing in the world is catching a big swell and being unable to stay ahead of it. With the StrongLoop ARC and IBM Bluemix combination, you have the tools to guage the velocity at which your usage is accelerating, the reports to point to optimization and patch opportunities, and the platform-as-a-service flexibility to move a few sliders to adjust your hardware configuration.

I can explain what I believe the IBM acquisition of StrongLoop means to me and my relation with GetNetEZ. If you bring us a project which has the potential to go viral at a moments notice, I will not be able to justify anything for the platform but StrongLoop on Bluemix. It is not the solution for every situation, but it is a proper preparation for being Ready To Ride.

Posted in StrongLoop on Sep 10, 2015



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